Week 4: All the World's a Stage

Arts and Entertainment

(Year 3-5)

Kia ora and welcome to the final week of the Summer Learning Journey! This week we are going to be learning about people who changed the world through the arts and entertainment industries. The people included in this programme are only a small number of the exceptional, influential and inspirational authors and entertainers in the world.

Get ready to learn about some very creative people!

Image Attribution: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Gwydion M. Williams is licensed under CC BY 2.0

DAY 1: Book Worms

Activity 1: Rags to Riches [4 points]

J. K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series of books. Over 500 million copies of her books have been sold, making J. K. Rowling the world’s first billionaire author.

Books need to be engaging and enjoyable for the reader. They also need an interesting cover so that we choose them! The Harry Potter books always have exciting looking covers.

Design a book cover for your favourite book. Please include the title, author, illustrator, and use pictures, colour, etc. Please create all of the images yourself (draw or photograph) rather than using images that you find online.

On your blog, share the book cover you have designed.

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Activity 2: Romeo and Juliet [4 points]

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) wrote books, poems and plays. His plays are very famous and people still love them even though they were written a long time ago.

Shakespeare wrote in English, however, it is not the same kind of English that we have now. It sounded quite different!

Here is your chance to learn more about ‘Shakespearean English’. To do this, please write a short recount about what you did this morning and then use this translating tool to turn it into Shakespearean English.

On your blog, share both your English and Shakespearean translation of your recount.

Here is an example:

This morning I got up early when my daughter Laila woke up. We had a delicious breakfast of steaming hot porridge before heading out the door to start the day. It was cold, sunny and clear outside.

This m'rning I did get up early at which hour mine own daught'r Laila did wake up. We hadst a delicious breakfast of steaming hot p'rridge bef're heading out the doth'r to starteth the day. T wast bitter cold, sunny and cleareth outside.

Activity 3: The Diary of Anne Frank [6 points]

Anne Frank lived in Germany in the 1930s. This was the time of World War One. Her family was Jewish and they were forced to hide because the German politicians (Nazis) did not like Jewish people.

Anne and her family hid in one small room for two years. Anne kept a diary. At the end of the war, Anne’s dad made it into a book.

Imagine you have a diary. In your diary please write a story about your most extraordinary day. What happened? You can tell us about an actual event or you can make one up. It’s totally up to you!

On your blog, post a diary entry about your extraordinary day. Please start your post with the words “Dear Diary”.

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Image Attribution: Aaradhna TheGov by Peter Tea is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

DAY 2: Musos

Activity 1: Getting Stronger [4 points]

Aaradhna is a Samoan-Indian singer from New Zealand. As a girl, Aaradhna sang traditional Samoan and country songs with her family. She became famous in 2004 when she released the song, “Getting Stronger” with the group Adeaze. It’s one of my favourites!

Speaking of favourite songs, we would love to know who you listen to and what songs you like the most.

On your blog, list your favourite songs. Please tell us who sings them too!

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Activity 2: K-pop heroes [4 points]

BTS, or Bangtan Boys, is a seven member boy band from South Korea. They have topped the music charts in the United States of America and around the world.

They are a K-Pop group (Korean Pop) and most of their songs are sung in Korean.

BTS make great music videos and they have amazing choreography (dance routines).

For this activity, please watch this CBS Sunday Morning Special about BTS.

On your blog, tell us your opinion on BTS. Please tell us what it is that you like or don’t like about them.

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Activity 3: Girl Power [6 points]

Jessica Mauboy is an Aboriginal Australian singer. She was runner-up in the 2006 Australian Idol, and has gone on to record a number of very successful songs.

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is a Māori opera singer from Aotearoa, New Zealand. She became one of the best sopranos (a female singer with a high voice) in the world.

Both these singers are role models.

Choose someone who is a role model. What makes them a role model? It could be someone you know personally, someone famous, or someone you have heard about.

On your blog, tell us about the role model you chose. Please tell us why they are a role model.

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DAY 3: Screen Legends

Activity 1: Talk Show Host [4 points]

Oprah Winfrey is best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show which ran for 25 years. Some people have said that she is one of the most influential women in the world.

Oprah believes in the power of education. She started her own school in South Africa called The Oprah Winfrey Leadership School for Girls. She wants to provide young people with opportunities to follow their passions.

We would love to know more about your interests (passions) and your future plans. What do you think that you would like to do when you are older?

On your blog, please tell us about your future plans (i.e. what you plan to do when you finish high school or college). Would you prefer to start working right away or to continue with your studies?

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Activity 2: Plot Points [4 points]

Lupita Nyong’o is a Mexican-Kenyan actress. She has starred in a number of films including Black Panther. She won an Oscar for her role in 12 Days a Slave. She was the first ever Kenyan and/or Mexican woman to win the award.

Over the past few years Lupita has continued to act, she has earned a master’s degree from Yale University and has written a children’s book called Sulwe. She has also written and produced her own movies.

Imagine that you had the chance to write your own movie. What would it be about? Who would be your main characters? What are the important events that would take place?

On your blog, provide a synopsis (overview) of your movie. In particular, tell us the name of your movie, the main events that take place in your movie and the names of the main characters. If you wish, you could do this as a storyboard.

Activity 3: Feast or Famine [6 points]

Julian Dennison is a very funny guy! He is from Lower Hutt, near Wellington. He is only 17 years old but he has already starred in a number of movies and TV commercials. You may have seen him on Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Deadpool, or in the Lynx ads.

Julian is not only a funny actor. He recently joined up with World Vision to be a 40 Hour Famine Ambassador. He traveled with World Vision to Uganda to meet some of the refugees from South Sudan who are living there. Check out this video.

Would consider doing a 20 or 40 Hour Famine to raise money for charity?

On your blog, tell us whether or not you would participate in 20 or 40 Hour Famine.

If you have already participated in a 20 or 40 Hour Famine, please share your experience, including why you decided to participate and some highlights and challenges of the experience.

DAY 4: Arty Designers

Activity 1: Fashion forward [4 points]

Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer from the early 1900s. She was very influential because she designed clothes for women that were beautiful, but also comfortable. She designed trousers (pants), looser tops, and used a lot of black and white fabric.

Twenty-Seven Names is a New Zealand fashion label. The designers are Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett. Their brand name comes from 27 people who helped to support their business when they started it.

Brand names are very important to companies as this is how they are known. Did Twenty-Seven Names choose a good name?

On your blog, tell us whether you think Twenty-Seven Names is a good brand name. Looking at their clothing brand, is this a good name, or do you have a better idea for them?

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Activity 2: Try Your Own Tapa [4 points]

Fatu Feu’u is a Samoan artist who lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand. His paintings are inspired by tapa cloth (siapo) patterns from Samoa, as well as tatau (tattoo), weaving, carving, and mask designs.

Many Pacific Islands have their own versions of tapa cloth. In Tonga it is called the ngatu, in Fiji - the masi, in Niue - the hiapo, in the Cook Islands - the tapa, and in Hawaii - the kapa. You can learn more about tapa cloth here.

For this activity please create your own tapa cloth design. You can draw your design on paper or using a drawing app.

On your blog, post an image (photo or screenshot) or your tapa design and describe what each part of your picture represents (means).

Activity 3: Top Secret Street Art [6 points]

Banksy” is a street artist from England. He is very private and secretive. In fact, almost no one knows who he really is - he always creates his art in secret!

Street art, or graffiti art, is all around us. Sometimes the art tells a story, sometimes it makes a building look more interesting, and sometimes it makes us think hard.

There is a lot of amazing street art in the city of Christchurch.

Take a look at the Christchurch street art website and choose two different pieces of artwork. Look carefully at both pieces of art and tell is what is similar and different.

On your blog, post screenshots of the two pieces of art that you have chosen. Tell us about the similarities and differences that you see.

DAY 5: Dancing Queens

Activity 1: The World of Hip Hop [4 points]

Parris Goebel (Parri$) is a famous dancer and choreographer from Auckland, New Zealand. She is Samoan/Chinese/Scottish.

Parri$ started The Palace Dance Studio. She worked as a choreographer for singers like Justin Beiber, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna. In 2019, Parri$ and her dance crew, The Royal Family, won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

Please watch this video of The Royal Family. What do you like about the performance? What did the dance crew do well? What could they work on?

On your blog, write a review of The Royal Family performance. Please talk about the dance, dancers, costumes, and the music. What did you like? What didn’t you like as much? What do you think could have been improved?

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Activity 2: En Pointe [4 points]

World famous ballerina, Misty Copeland isn’t like most other ballerinas. She started ballet quite late - at 13 years old. This didn’t slow her down.

She won many competitions. In 2015, she became the first African Amercian principal (lead) dancer of the Amercian Ballet Theatre.

When interviewed, Misty has said that she would like people to be able to “see dreams through me”. This is an example of an inspirational quote.

For this activity, please choose your favourite inspirational quote. Create a text graphic using this quote.

On your blog, share your text graphic and underneath it, explain what it means to you.

*Remember to attribute any images that you borrow from the internet or from other people.

Activity 3: Concluding the Journey [6 points]

Sadly, the Summer Learning Journey has now come to an end. It is time to reflect on everything that you have learned this summer about people who have had an impact, or changed the world, in some way.

On your blog please tell us:

  1. Which activity you enjoyed the most

  2. Which activity you enjoyed the least

  3. Three things that you learned while completing the programme

  4. What changes/improvements you would make to the programme for next year

*Please check out the Eye-Catching Blog Posts page for ideas!