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Blog Post Check - Before publishing a blog post click preview to check that your post will display correctly.

Resize an Image

When the image is in your post, click it to change the size, caption, or alignment on the page. Click preview to check the size before you publish your post.

Blogger Image Size.mp4

EMBed a Google Slide

To make sure your Google Slide is the correct size for your blog check page set up first - here's how. Then watch the instructions below.

Embed Slide.mp4

Formatting Text In a Blog Post

To make sure that your blog posts look great, follow this nifty tip when copying and pasting text from another document. This will limit your text to the post so it doesn't run into the side bar.

Format Text

Clear incorrect Formatting in a Blog Post

If your post's text is running into the side bar of your blog follow these steps to update your post.

Create a Screencastify

Create a Screencastify. This will save in your Drive then embed in your blog

Embed video from Google Drive

Check your video is shared in Google Drive before embedding video in your blog.

Embed Video from Google Drive.mp4

Save Google Draw as an Image

how to create a Jamboard

1. Save Google Draw as an Image.mp4

Eye-catching blog posts include something to look at or listen to!

Here are some ideas to help you use what you are learning to create something to look at or listen to for your blog posts and capture the attention of your blog readers.

There are also screencasts and tips to help you create your Digital Learning Object.

Click the blog link under each Digital Learning Object on the page to see an example on another learner's blog.

Google Slides Explore Tool:

We encourage you to create your own images, either photos or original art for your blog posts.

Sometimes you might use the Explore Tool to search for an image online.

If you're using an image that is not yours, remember you need to attribute the image with the name of the creator and a link to where you found the image online.

Attributing Images in Your Blog Posts

It's important to acknowledge other people's work when you use it on your blog. Watch the Manaiakalani presentation about attributing images that you use in your posts.

If you cannot locate all this information about the image you must include a link to where you found the image in your blog post.

Here is an example:

Watch the Cybersmart Challenge video for help with attributing images

Summer Learning Journey: ... images in your blog post

Leave a positive digital footprint!

Part of creating a positive digital footprint, is making sure that posts and comments we make are positive, thoughtful and helpful. We hope that you use the Summer Learning Journey as an opportunity to connect with learners all over the country. You can read their blogs and leave comments. Not only will your comments help them with their learning, but each quality comment is worth 2 points! To learn how to write quality comments, click here.

Play the Cybersmart game!

Thank you to James Hopkins for sharing this Cybersmart game with us!

Play the Cybersmart game and complete the activities to learn how to make good decisions when you're online. You will need one die to play (or you can use the dice generator on the webpage).