Blog Commenting

To post a high quality blog comment, you can follow six, simple steps.*

*We would like to acknowledge the author of these 6 steps to successful commenting: Katie Nisbett from Grey Main School (Toki Pounamu Cluster)

Step #1 - Greet the person.

Step #2 - Say something you liked about their mahi.

Step #3 - Suggest an improvement or next step for their learning.

Step #4 - Make a connection with the person.

Step #5 - Ask the person a question.

Step #6 - Farewell the person.

Here is a template that uses all 6 steps. It is a great way to make sure that you are posting thoughtful, detailed comments**.

** We would like to acknowledge Tania Coutts and her team for creating the commenting template.

Finally, for more information on posting good blog comments, please visit the Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu website. There are awesome pictures and video clips posted on the site about creating quality blog posts. They were created by students just like you!


All of the comments that you post this summer should be POSITIVE, THOUGHTFUL, AND HELPFUL.